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Dream Daddy : the best gay games of the moment

Quality gay games are quite rare. But Dream Daddy, a gay flirting game with cartoon graphics, has carved out a niche for itself between online war games and great virtual adventures. As soon as it was released, the unexpected success saw the title of Game Grumps place in the top of sales. But how to explain such a passion for a game or to embody the single gay dad of a teenager, 

who is looking for a man to share his life ? 

Check out Dream Daddy, one of the coolest gay games out there right now. Who is the Dream Daddy game for ? All the curious or lovers of flirting games can be tempted by Dream Daddy and his captivating adventure. Check out more gay games at The public targeted by gay games and in particular Dream Daddy, includes two categories of players. 

First, the gay men who will have fun putting themselves in the game, and the young women who are thrilled by these stories between men. For men, Dream Daddy will be an opportunity to practice their flirting skills in a fun game that is a bit out of the ordinary. A real gay flirting simulation, with the challenges faced by cop-dads in education and in today's society. 

Without being a real sociological analysis, it is very pleasant to finally see these themes addressed, what is more in a video game ! Girls will also play this game with pleasure. It must be said that more and more young women feel closer to gay issues than to those offered to them by the straight vision. 

Why such enthusiasm among players ? 

There are several reasons behind the success of Dream Daddy. The first is how to deal with the subject of homosexuality, dating between men and the responsibility of a single homosexual father to raise his teenage daughter. The game recounts a classic daily life, with an entirely conceivable routine and real heart problems. 

The portrait of the 7 dads is very accurate. We avoid the accumulation of cliches as is very often the case as soon as a homosexual character appears in a video game. It's all the more pleasant since the choice of protagonists allows everyone to find a character with whom they will identify in one way or another !