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How to check the validity of an email?

Every company must check the validity of its mailing list. But how to detect the good addresses from the bad ones? Discover in this extract three methods to do so. 

Send an email to this address

The first method to check if an email address is valid or not, is to send an email to this address. Go to for more information. This method is effective but not suitable for companies with a long mailing list. Since this method involves sending a message to every email on the mailing list. You will send an email that will ask the recipient to validate if they have read the message. If they respond, then it's a good address. If it's a fake, your email provider will send you an error message.

Do an IP address lookup

This solution sounds technical but it is not. It is a simple and fast method. It allows you to geographically locate an IP address. Each email contains an IP address hidden in the source code under the mention received from. When you find the IP address, copy it. Then use an online tool to search for an IP address. You will then know from this tool where the email comes from. If it comes from a doubtful location, you can already imagine that it is an invalid email. 

Use an email verifier

Due to the high rate of fake addresses spreading on the net today, many platforms have emerged. These platforms offer quick and easy ways to validate your email addresses. They are easy to use. In a few clicks, you will know if your mailing list contains faulty addresses or not. There are two types of email checkers. There are the free ones that limit the number of addresses to check and the paid ones that offer more complete services. It will be up to you to make the right choice according to your needs.