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How to secure your company's website server ?

For a company to excel in its activities in this era where digital technology has taken over in all areas, it needs a website. Unfortunately, these sites are very often victims of cyber attacks of all kinds. The security of the company is therefore dependent on the security of its data and therefore of its server. The question that now arises is how to guarantee the security of a company's website server. In this article, you will discover a few ways to ensure the protection of your company's website server. 

Securing access to the server and limiting computer access 

In order to optimise the security of your company's website server, you must start by protecting access to the server. But first of all, you should know that there is a high level of protection for your websites. This is called Koddos protection. This protection guarantees a high quality and long-lasting hosting and security for your site. Speaking of server access, it must be admitted that one of the ways in which intrusions and cyber attacks take place is through physical access to the server. It is therefore important to start by securing access. Implement strong security strategies such as magnetic badges, cameras, etc. This way you can be sure of the reliability of those who have access to the room. Secondly, you should consider reducing the number of people accessing the server either physically or remotely. This would reduce the risk of insecurity. 

Set up a password system and make timely updates

Another way to ensure the security of the company's website server is to install a password worthy of the name. For example, you can choose a password consisting of many characters. It is also good to include special characters in the password and remember to change it whenever you suspect something. Secondly, regular updates are of paramount importance. By doing so, the company's data will be much more secure and confidential.