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Kratom can make the brain dull.

Kratom is a drug that is our daily activity, because it energizes our body how kratom performs his work in this article.

How kratom perform in our body system

Firstly after using this depends on the amount of dosage you take. Check this for more facts. Research has made it clear that this drug metabolism is from it's a dynamic ingredient mitragynine in the liver. It works for a good 23 hours long after this time a small amount of it will come out from our body through urine which the remaining one will stay in our body for longer .This drug stays in our body and continues to work even after the effect, this drug can still be seen in our body. You can use the powders, capsules, extracts and the tinctures. All these reform their duty after some hours because it has to mix with the bloodstream and the powder form will take time before it mixes.

Does kratom make the brain dull?

Since kratom reacts in our brain as opioids which is it's effect, this is not as high as you think. This drug reacts in the brain just for a while after taken a nap, it will reduce .but people misinterpret it as one of the drug that Dulls the brain and even one of those capsules that makes people sleep for the whole day the researches has made it clear that this drug is from natural source Which can not cause any harm to the body or to the brain this drug is a natural herb that targets the sense organ but in unique way. This drug work as an addiction, abolition, this can ever be threat for our respiratory melancholy as OXY. So this drug is not a threat to our brain or to our body. It is a good substance to our health.