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Mont Brome : everything you need to know about the access route

Mount Brome is a mountain located in the southwestern region of Quebec precisely a few hundred meters from Mount Spruce. It is a popular hill and very popular with athletes looking for climbs and descents. In this article, we will introduce you to Mount Brome and especially the route to get there.

Mount Brome, the magnificent mountain of Quebec

Mount Brome, also called Bromont, is the ideal hill for a short physical challenge and to observe the jewels of nature. It includes a great variety of trails, a hike of about 15 km. To go around mont brome, you have to walk at least 140 km of trails, divided into five networks, four of which are perfect for hiking. Thanks to the bare trees, you can clearly see the beauty of the sumptuous mountain throughout your journey. Despite the presence of the chairlifts, you will have a 360 degree view of the neighboring mountains. The other more interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay anything to access the trails, especially if you are indigenous. On the other hand, visitors from other countries as well as tourists are obliged to pay a (cheap) price depending on the type of trail.

The route to access Mont Brome

To reach Mont Brome, you must follow a well-defined route. Indeed, the first airstrip is Mount Bernard which has a height of 472m. You then pass by the Horizon mountain which is also a break fall (to recover energy) a few kilometers from Mount Bernard. The third access point is the ski slope, the Pic du Chevreuil. A mount that is a few meters from Mount Spruce which is also a summit with a ski slope. It is generally the last mountain before Mount Brome. Already from Mount Spruce, you can see a few hundred meters further, the beautiful magnificent Bromont mountain, which is always filled with visitors. It should be remembered that Mount Brome is the most popular hill among the 9 located near the city of Montreal in southwestern Quebec.