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Some steps to follow to pay your visitax

You are planning to travel to Mexico to visit Quintana Roo and you are wondering how to pay your Visitax tax. In fact, there are many procedures for paying your Visitax tax. The following article will explain them in detail. Stay tuned!

What is visitax in reality?

This is a new tax that was recently approved. Visitax is a tax that affects all tourists visiting Quintana Roo, a Mexican state. The Visitax costs a sum of 224 pesos or 6581.43 FCFA and 10.06 euros. All internationals who intend to visit Mexico should not be exempted from this tax. The payment of this tax is extended to all foreigners aged 15 years and over. 

Steps to follow to pay your visitax

To pay your Visitax tax, there are several processes to be taken into account. As far as payment is concerned, bear in mind that you can pay it either during the trip, before or after. The most important thing is that you pay your duty at any time. 

Firstly, to pay your tax, you need to enter the VISITAX website at On this site you will be asked for your contact details, passport number and many other things. Once you have completed all these formalities on the site, you can proceed to pay the Visitax tax. You can pay either electronically on the website or in cash at the airport.

Secondly, once you have paid your tax, you are strongly advised to keep your receipt carefully so that you can present it on the day of your departure from Mexico. Indeed, control officers will ask you for it once you come to the airport to take a flight.

For your information, please note that when you travel with your family, the payment is one-off. You will not have to pay for your children, yourself or your wife.