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Switzerland votes to stop face-covering in a highly tensed poll

Switzerland has conducted a poll which will decide if a veil will be permitted in public. There was a narrow win for those who want all face veils banned from the public except for special reasons. 

Face coverings banned in Switzerland 

Voters in Switzerland have voted to outlaw all manners of facial covering in what critics have termed a war Islam tradition. According to results, about 52% voted for the ban on the 'Burga' while 48% voted against it. The figures as released show 1,532,263 in favor and 1,432,238 against. The voters' response was a 51.1% turnout of the entire population. 

The poles were necessary after years of contention from various groups in the country who wanted Switzerland to follow European nations that banned the veil. Many have criticized the poll in the country because it isn't a common feature in the country, and they wonder about the intention of such a law. Although the policy didn't specifically mention the niqab or Burqa, media platforms and campaigns have termed it a 'Burqa ban'. 

Muslim groups condemn polls, plans to appeal the decision 

Many placards can be seen on the streets of major cities bearing 'remove fanaticism' and 'Stop Islamic extremism' which bore the face of ladies wearing Islamic covering. This law will put an end to face-covering in public places which include bars, rail centers, airports, and stadiums. It also covers walking on the street, however, they could be used in spiritual houses or 'security or medical reasons. 

It allows the wearing of face masks or societal festivals. Various Muslim organizations have spoken against the bill, saying they are targeting Muslims, and it also reeks of sexist ideals. The Muslim groups released a joint statement saying 'Today is a sad day for all Muslims faithful in the country and world. This policy is ill-advised and wrong. It is a war on the traditions of our religion, and we will challenge it fully.'