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The art world with Adrian Cheng

Mega collector and developer Adrian Cheng has built a new art district on the Hong Kong waterfront. It is this site that is making headlines today in the Nanshan district.

Story on Adrian Cheng's art mall

For the completion of his project Adrian Cheng recruited only star collaborators such as David chipperfield, Sou Fujimoto both architects, Rem koolhaas' OMA,Chinese artists and many other international names. This project was developed by the New World Development Company. This company, founded by Cheng's grandfather, is one of the largest real estate developers. Thus this project is considered to be the pioneer of the economy in the region. But that's not the end of it, Cheng has many other visions for the world of commerce and culture.

The K11 musea: what is it?

The K11 museum site is a hybrid art and luxury empire created by billionaire Adrian Cheng, this museum is the culmination of his vision for art. This state-of-the-art museum also houses a shopping mall, hence the hybrid name of art and luxury. K11 museum reflects creativity, it is a place of inspiration and learning. Moreover, the founder has already stated that the social mission is to serve the community. Moreover, it is not only about art, but also about architecture, design, gastronomy and culture. After the brilliant success of this place, chĂȘne is now building new sites in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang and wuhan. He also planned his return to Hong Kong with the K11 muse site, partnering with landscape architect James Corner Field and Kohn Pedersen Fox to achieve his goal. With so many projects in the field of art, one can easily say that Adrian Cheng is a true professional in this field. But it must also be said that he has been able to bring in real experts in this field. Adrian Cheng is a providential man.