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Three paperless accounting software packages for a business

Companies are adopting digital accounting as opposed to paper-based accounting. This digital accounting is ensured by powerful accounting software. There are many on the market. Do you know which one to choose? Here are three selections for you.

Sage Accounting

Faced with the multiple needs of businesses, even those in the grass, Sage accounting is one of the best software to adopt. So, why not check here its authenticity. It is accessible online and on mobile from the company's Google Drive account. 

The sage accounting software has a Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Billing version that makes it easy to make invoices and take care of cash flow without bankruptcy. Its functions allow to follow with more attention the expenses and the incomes of the company and to automate the VAT without losing sight of the general vision.

SAP accounting software

It is a software that has a double accounting module. This is SAP Financial and SAP Costing. All the accounting entries of purchases and sales of micro and macro companies are available in this accounting software. It is adapted to each activity thanks to the ERP that it offers. In addition, its automatic operation is a real success for transferring any entry via the customer or supplier accounting module to general accounting. It also saves time because it facilitates coordination with all sections and avoids redundancies and inconsistencies between data. 

EBP accounting software

EBP is a well-equipped digital management solution for a company. It takes care of the entire management of the company. The EBP accounting software can be used to manage taxation and all other activities. Thanks to its various functions, it facilitates the

customisation of all types of profiles; remote VAT declaration; and anticipation of tax audits, etc.