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What are the criteria for selecting an online casino ?

The profitability of a bettor is based 30% on his experience, 20% on his luck and 50% on his online casino. Thus, the choice of your betting platform considerably influences the quality of your gaming experience. This is why it is essential to choose a reliable, efficient and profitable online casino. Here are the criteria to consider when making your selection.

Possession of a gaming license

The gambling license is a certification awarded by the gambling commissions of a country. Its presence proves that the casino complies with all the standards and regulations required in the territory. This is why it is the first element to take into account when looking for the best online casino UAE or any other similar analysis.

The standards for obtaining a gaming license vary from country to country. However, protecting your funds and guaranteeing the fairness of the games are mandatory everywhere in the world. You can therefore count on casinos with a license to respect these two points at least.

The redistribution rate applied

This is the percentage of stakes collected by the casino and then redistributed to the winners of the games. The higher it is, the more players benefit from the profitability of the establishment. In general, the redistribution rate is around 95%. But it can easily reach 98% on some platforms !

High-end casinos often offer a slightly higher than average payout rate. The goal ? Attract bettors and create a beneficial situation for both game winners and the casino. Prioritize this type of establishment if you want to maximize your earnings.

The variety of games offered

The profitability of your is important, but the quality of your experience remains the priority. Thus, you must make sure that the establishment offers a wide range of games before you are interested in it. Each casino is free to offer the games of their choice on display, but there should be at least two main categories : games of chance and games of strategy.

Games of chance like slot machines are based on an unpredictable and unbiased algorithm. Each game is entirely based on luck and you have as much chance of winning as the other participants.

Conversely, card games are more focused on strategy. To win, you must analyze the choices of other participants, think and sometimes bluff. Here, your skills are much more important than odds or luck.

How the methods of depositing and withdrawing your funds work

After playing to your heart content, you should be able to dispose of your money as wished. That’s why you need to study the methods of depositing and withdrawing available.

First, make sure that there are several deposit and withdrawal methods available (cheque, credit card, electronic wallet, etc.). This way, in the event of a system malfunction, you will have other options at your fingertips.

Second, find out about the waiting time for each withdrawal method. The faster a withdrawal method, the better. In addition, if a mode requires you to wait more than 3 days, then you might as well remove the casino from your selection.