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What you need to know about second-hand goods

Buying and selling used goods, either between individuals or through specialized establishments, mobile applications or the Internet, is a resource widely used by consumers. This is done either to get an economic return on clothes, appliances or furniture that we no longer use or to get products at a more affordable price than buying them new.

Online shopping

Remember that when you shop online, you have the same guarantees and ability to claim as when you buy in person at an establishment. This is especially true at The only difference between online purchases and those made in an establishment is that e-commerce has a right of withdrawal that also applies to used purchases, as long as the transaction is with a business. This right offers the consumer fourteen calendar days, from the receipt of the product, to regret his purchase without penalty and without having to justify any reason. It is important to take into account some recommendations when buying used items from companies on the net: Make sure the page you are buying from is trustworthy. Make a note of the seller's contact information in case of a problem. Try to use a secure enough payment method. Find out who pays for shipping the product and, if there is a problem, for return shipping.

Vehicle purchase

In the event that you acquire a used vehicle in a commercial establishment, remember that the vehicle must have a visible and clearly readable sign indicating its make, model and registration number, whether or not it belongs to the establishment, its age, mileage, date of first registration, service for which it was previously intended, price and warranty that it has. Used cars have a legal warranty of two years, which can be less if agreed, but never less than one. In the first six months from delivery, it is assumed that the defect already existed at the time of delivery and must be treated under warranty. Therefore, keep in mind that if you buy a used car, and it breaks down within the first six months, the seller must take care of the repair.