Anti-virus Boss, John McAfee charge for fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions

Popular Innovator of the McAfee anti-virus, Mr. John McAfee has been accused of cryptocurrency fraud. He and his security officer have been charged for fraudulent activities linked to Cryptocurrency.

John McAfee charged with Crypto-related crimes 

 Business mogul, John McAfee who was the Innovator of the McAfee anti-virus, has been charged in America for conspiring to commit scams and launder cash m. He and his security detail, Mr. Jimmy Gale Watson is accused of suggesting dubious cryptocurrency transactions to Mr. McAfee's huge social media followers to increase prices.

The coins were then alleged transacted which will generate $3 m for them both. According to prosecutors, this is illegal, and they both need to answer for their crimes. Both individuals have not said anything about the charges. Mr. McAfee 74 is presently in Spain for another criminal charge which is linked to tax evasion, which he has rejected.

He may likely be extradited very soon. However, his security detail has been detained since Thursday in Texas

'Jimmy Watson is a top security officer and ex-Navy seal personnel. He has fought for these countries on all fronts, and he hasn't done anything wrong. Jimmy will be in court to exercise his rights' Arnold Spencer his legal counsel said.

John has pending tax issues in Spain and may be extradited 

The charges came up at the Manhattan Federal Court in New York. They were both accused of transacting in cryptocurrency and promoting them on social media to millions of his followers. It was alleged that they had made about $12 in capitals made from the Cryptocurrency business, and they didn't tell their investors what they wanted to do with it. 

Their charges also include using media platforms to exploit investors and generate huge cash. Federal counsel, Audrey Strauss says that these charges are huge and will be pursued to a logical end. He also faces various charges of tax evasion for three years and using close associates to conceal his assets.

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