The US Senate narrowly passed an Economic stimulus bill of $1.9 trillion

After serious debates and amendments, the Senate has finally approved the stimulus bill. In a narrow win, the bill has been sent to the House of Representatives for final endorsement. 

President Joe Biden Economic package scales senate 

The United States Senate at the weekend passed a highly amended bill of President Joe Biden's economic stimulus law. This means that the bill will need to be returned to the House of Representatives who will need to give final approval. In a heavily intensified session which started Thursday had to go through several amendments before it was finally approved by a 50 to 49 vote. 

Both Republicans and Democrats senators have discussed thorny issues like how long it should be extended, and who can receive it. Americans have been reeling over the economic effects of the pandemic and the bill aims to alleviate the suffering. The bill was returned to the House of Representatives last week.

It is then believed that after necessary approval, it will be presented to President Biden for ratification. '' When we resumed 48 days ago, my administration promised to help the US citizens to overcome any economic issues. We can confidently say that this bill will address these issues. 

President Biden promises the bill will be used to improve citizens welfare 

This approval by the senate shows we are on the right track '' President Biden told the media at the weekends. The stimulus bill has been one of the focuses of the Biden campaign, and he has pledged to tackle the lingering economic issues and make Americans recover quickly from the pandemic.

The US has suffered over 29 million infection rates and more than 539,00 deaths. This pandemic has impacted negatively the US economy. Many US businesses have gone under and many are hanging with a three thread. Another thorny issue this bill hasn't achieved is a wage hike which many senators disagree on.

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