UK's government invites aged citizens 55 and above to take the vaccine

Britain elderly citizens between 55 and 59 years have been advised to book for their vaccines. The NHS said it is committed to a fair vaccination process for aged citizens. 

Elderly UK citizens told to book for COVID-19 vaccine 

Individuals aged 55 and above have been told to book their vaccines this week. Their letters of the offer were given to them at their homes since Saturday. This comes after the majority of aged citizens in the 60 brackets have been administered the vaccine. The UK NHS office said this is important to get the most vulnerable citizens the vaccine. 

However, they have warned that citizens shouldn't relax their guard and keep to safety protocols. About 19 million people in the UK have already been vaccinated which is more than 35% of the population. These figures show that the vaccination process in the UK has sped up with more than two million having both doses.

Dr. Nikki Kanani, a top NHS official stated that they are committed to giving all British citizens vaccines before July. She said all medical staff is working tirelessly to make sure everyone is protected. Dr. Nikki said that precise planning and due diligence is responsible for the immense work they have done. 

More citizens should show interest in vaccination - Britain health secretary 

UK health secretary, Matt Hancock encouraged more people to come for the vaccines quickly.

'' Our objective is to get all adults 18 and above vaccinated before July ml. We believe this is possible, and we are putting all things on deck to make it come to pass. The UK health officials have received the necessary support to carry out their duties '' He stated. 

According to public health in Wales, more than 58% of the entire population has been vaccinated, and they should cover the country before June. The health minister has said the present lockdown protocols in the country are successful.